IPH Interamerican Promo Hotels INC. A service designed ti guarantee client satisfaction 100%…


A recognized Leader in hotel development and management in Latin America

specialized in Latin America with a portfolio of hotels in operation and projects under development…


Mission Statement

To implement and operate hotels under international franchise system in Latin America…

Established in 1992 with headquarters in Miami, FL, USA. Development Representative of PROMUS HOTEL CORPORATION (Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn) from 1992 until 2000. Performed Development and implemented operation of first class hotels in Latin-America under international Franchise Licenses. Approved hotel operator by Hilton Hotel Corp. and Marriott International. In 2001 launches it’s own Franchise system under the brand name Eco-Inn.
PERU: IPH Perú VENEZUELA: Interamerican Promo Venezuela C.A. ECUADOR: Corporación Hotelera del Ecuador PANAMA: IPH Panamá SURINAME: IPH Suriname N.V

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