In order to guarantee the success of the development the following is required: 

A defined market and projection for the futureA strategic location, location, location!!!Great visibility and access to hotel.A defined concept and standardization.The approval of an appropriate international brand name The less possible investment for the best return, elimination of non productive areas.Design the hotel to be operated with minimum staffThe possibility to obtain added value and return by adjoining real estate business (offices, casino, commercial, condo sales)Have a equity/debt structure without risk to the owner.Training of executives and staff

Management Principles by IPH

ª To operate the hotel according to the rules and regulations of the franchise brand, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the guest 100%.
ª First class management producing high financial returns.
ª An excellent reputation as a premier employer.
ª Preferential acceptance by our customers and guests.
ª Excellent relationship and communication with the owner of the hotel.
ª Honesty and integrityª Excellent relation with the community.

IPH and it’s labor relationship

An excellent relationship and communication with our employees is extremely important for the success of the hotel, if we don’t select and train the best qualified employees and provide them excellent working conditions and a good pay it will reflect on the service culture of the hotel. Any hotel is as good as it’s employees! Consequently IPH adopts it’s philosophy on the following bases:

ª Few employees, but well selected, trained and paid better than our competition.
ª Monthly meetings and open door policy to upkeep straight line communication.
ª Annual performance review.
ª Enforcement of our employees rules and regulations and compliance with labor law.
ª Incentive and motivation programs, inside promotions and growth opportunity.

Monthly meeting between IPH and Owner

A monthly meeting will be held between the parties within 10 days of the following month. In such meeting IPH will present:Last month financial results in form of a financial statement compared to the budget and including statistics and an operating critique.

The hotel’s cash flow, accounts receivable reports and bank statementsMarketing statistic and competition analysis.Maintenance reports and critical issues on fixed assets and the building.Discussion about owners and guest comments, constructive critique and recommendations.Payment of last month net profit.

Profile of an IPH General manager

IPH tiene una fuente de empleados que se preparan individualmente en los hoteles que administra. Se presenta a los propietarios candidatos para gerente y se obtiene la aprobación de uno, porque obviamente el gerente tiene que tener una relación y la confianza plena del propietario.

The General Manager of the Hotel

ª Good presentation and education
ª Extensive knowledge of hotel business
ª Good common sense.
ª Be a good business man.
ª Hands On, en responsability of the brand ª Motivator y Leader.
ª Honest and dedicated

Management contract

Objectives: The management company is committed to manage the hotel according to the terms, conditions and rules of operation of the brand and to maximize revenue and operating profit for the benefit of the owner.

Terms: The management contract term is over a period of 20 years with a termination option at the year 10. The contract can be extended for 2 periods of 5 years based on mutual acceptance.

Responsibilities of the Management Company

Develop and present to owner yearly a business plan which specifies all the activities, actions and goals, the plan includes actions on sales and marketing, management, Food& Beverage, maintenance and a Staff plan, an operating budget forecasting occupancy, rates, detailed costs and expenses of the hotel operation.To meet monthly with the owner and present the financial results of the operation compared to the budget and with an operating critique.To manage all accounting and maintain records and documentation according to law.To deposit all revenue at the «Operation Bank account» and pay all operation costs and expenses through this account including the net profit to the owner.

Responsibilities of Owner

Comply with the terms of the franchise license.Review and approve the yearly business plan including the operating budget.Assist to the monthly meeting and review of operation.Approve the capital replacement requirements to maintain the property competitive, jointly manage the capital replacement fund.Maintain the building insurances.

Responsability of the Brand

Comply with the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement including but not limited to provide international reservation and sales system, training material, rules and regulation, manuals and standards, review and recommend the rate structure for the hotel, competition review and periodic on site inspection and operation audit.

Termination option

The owner has the option to terminate the contract after the third year of operation by giving written notice 6 month in advance and subject of a pre- determined payment to the management company.

Technical services

ª Concept development of the project.
ª Review of preliminary and final plans
ª Assistance concerning the operational flow of the hotel from the guest and staff view.
ª Assistance in preparation of design and finish schedule.

ª Technical assistance in the bidding process
ª Periodic construction inspections.
ª Technical assistance during construction.
ª Final punch out inspection.
ª FF&E implementation
ª Prepare a complete FF&E package.
ª Prepare budget
ª Specify all equipment and recommend sources.
ª Supervise the Installation of all equipment and FF&E

Interior Design
ª Prepare Interior design concept.
ª Coordinate and assist interior designer
ª Review and approve final interior design

ª Assist on financial scheme, equity & debt promotion.
ª Prepare operation and cash flow projections
ª Prepare a preliminary feasibility study.
ª Promote equity participation if needed,
ª Prepare a master document «who does what» for the development process involving all parties.
ª Public relations and representation to authorities.

ª Revision of all contracts and legal assistance on business structure.

Pre – Opening
ª Pre-opening sales & marketing
ª Selection of staff, hiring & training.
ª Operation implementation.

Estructure With Management